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Genasun GV-5 for Lithium Batteries. A very special member of the Genasun family. Efficiency, reliability, and toughness are all key factors when choosing your charge controller, because when you are outdoors, you need to be prepared for anything. Created specifically for your 65 watt solar panels, the GV-5 brings something extra special so that you can focus on the important parts of being outdoors, not on your equipment. The GV-5 has the Ceramic Edge. Traditional controllers have components filled with liquid electrolytes that boil off over time, causing system failure and requiring the equipment to be replaced. Often an expensive and difficult bit of maintenance that shouldn't be required. The Genasun GV-5 uses Solid Ceramic controllers, which have no liquid, so they don't wear out, even in the extreme heat. And the ceramic components are bullet-proof tough, withstanding the worst treatment you can dish out, so you have the confidence that they are working no matter the environmental conditions. The GV-5 operates at an amazing 99.85% peak efficiency while also employing Continuous Maximum Power Point Tracking that monitors the solar panel at 15 times per second (1,200 times faster than the standard MPPT controller), ensuring that every available bit of power is captured and transferred into your batteries. In fact, it is so effective at increasing panel output that it will maximize battery charging opportunities, even in stormy or low light conditions, when the competitors fall short. A very important feature when bad weather hits but you still need electricity. Like its siblings, the Genasun GV-5 was designed to work in the most extreme environments, able to endure years at sea, harsh Antarctic winters, extended operations in the upper atmosphere, and those off-the-map locations nobody has ever heard about. This ruggedness gives you the peace of mind that whatever you can throw at the GV-5, it will provide you worry free operations, with no maintenance, for the long haul. Mission-critical reliability. We all know that every controller uses power, but while a typical small sized PWM controller uses 9mA, the Genasun GV-5 uses a scant 0.15mA. When waiting out the storm, battling long periods of low light, or supporting urban systems that are prone to shadows, every advantage in efficiency is essential. Genasun has spent countless hours working on the little things that make their product the best, even though the average user may not think to look for them. The GV-5 dramatically reduces, or even eliminates, RF emissions, which are created during the DC/DC conversion process. RF emissions waste energy and interfere with nearby or attached electronics, but with Genasun, that concern is removed. During third-party testing for FCC compliance, the test engineered asked, "Is it on?" Mission accomplished. And while fans can get clogged with dust and dirt, and relays can eventually stop switching, Genasun controllers use advanced electrical design so that these parts are obsolete. Genasun also knows that we all make mistakes, plugging in panels backwards, wires touching during installation, or rodents chewing on cables and causing a short. Life just happens. Genasun has you covered with their advanced built-in electronic protection measures that will instantly cut power to a short circuit. The GV-5 will automatically test for when the short is removed, and once cleared, will switch back to normal operations. Nothing to reset, and no fuses to replace. It just works. The Genasun GV-5 for Lithium batteries charging algorithms draw from nine years of experience building Lithium battery packs for the harshest environments. The engineers worked with every battery chemistry and have tailored charge profiles to help you get more capacity and cycle life from your battery pack, ensuring maximum life and maximum performance. The GV-5 is produced and stocked in the most common profiles, tailored for the most common Lithium chemistries and cell configurations. Custom voltages can be programmed at the factory to match the Float Voltage (CV voltage) of your battery, contact Hybrid Power Supply for ordering information.  Smooth, filtered power without the AC chatter found in lesser controllers. This little black box does it all, all the time. Let Genasun remove distractions from your holiday, your adventure, and your system. Let your focus be all about taking the journey. Genasun - unmatched performance, efficiency, and reliability. Not just good, but uber-awesome.

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