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Firefly Oasis Microcell Carbon Foam Battery - Group 31

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The Firefly Oasis battery uses a carbon foam AGM technology and is capable of a deeper depth of discharge (DOD) than conventional lead/acid AGM.  These batteries can be discharged to 80% of their capacity without damaging the battery or affecting the number of life cycles the battery will be capable of doing.  This should be compared to the 50% recommended DOD for flooded lead/acid, or 65% DOD of conventional AGM batteries. 

An equally interesting benefit is that the Firefly Oasis Battery can stay in a partial state of discharge i.e. never brought back to 100% indefinitely and still never lose any capacity. Once charged back, the battery will still provide 100% of the stated battery capacity. It is an especially useful battery for anyone who spends long amounts of time away from shorepower. Firefly Oasis batteries have carbon foam imbedded into the lead grid structure found in conventional batteries.  This foam allows the battery to operate or be stored at a partial state of charge for long periods without the risk of sulfation.

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